Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion haul

Hi World!

I for one am all for buying beauty bits and bobs, but I've never really been into fashion. I think it's because when it comes to trying things on, I always hate how they look and then give up.

However autumn is fast approaching and I wanted to get a few jumpers etc (even though I still managed to buy summer things), and am happy to report back that I had a pretty successful shopping trip (I usually only come back with one or two items that I like)

I thought that since I always post beauty hauls over on my beauty blog, I'd post a fashion one on here :)

Two T-shirts I got whilst in New York

Jumper £7.99 H&M

Black bodycon £7.99 H&M

White top H&M £7.99

Blue top reduced to £3.99 H&M

Burgundy bag £8.00 Primark
Navy Cardie £7.90 Primark

Are you preparing for the cold weather yet?

Stacey xo

Monday, 9 September 2013

NYC stole my heart

Friday 30th August - Monday 2nd September 2013

'Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today......'

Hi World!

Long time no talk eh? Well what a busy old time it's been! If you follow me on twitter, or you follow my Beauty Blog then you will know I spent last week in New York City. Today I wanted to share some photo's and just some random good times that occurred whilst we were there. So grab a cuppa, you're gonna need it.

Friday 30th August

Getting up at 4:30 am is never fun. Especially when you've spent the previous night chasing a very fast, jumpy, and HUGE spider around the living room with Tupperware. Anyway, this 4:30 am wake up call was welcomed with open arms - it was finally time to head to NYC!!
Coffee downed, make up slapped on and we were airport bound. After beeping through security (I was the lucky one to be chosen for a search at random - joy) a quick breakfast of jam on toast we were ready to board our small flight from Newcastle to London and then our seemingly longer flight from London to New York. I'm about to completely big up British airways right now. The crew were so friendly and helpful and they made sure we were stuffed to the brim with food and drinks, thanks for fattening me up BA ;)
Landing at JFK has to be one of the best and most exciting things I've ever done, we were finally on U.S soil after months of squealing and planning...and more squealing. We jumped in a yellow cab and headed for our hotel which was just outside of Manhattan. Bags literally chucked in our room we headed down the street for the subway, which I have to say was a little scary. However, after riding on the subway for a weekend I love it! We finally got into the city (Hello 5th Avenue!) after a few stops and were completely in awe. Walking down the street we could see the Empire State building peeping over the tops of the buildings. That first (late) afternoon we pretty much walked down 5th Avenue in a daze, squealing at every building and practically catching flies when we stumbled across Times Square. It was getting pretty late by this time so we headed back to the hotel for a shower and bed, recharging our batteries for the next day

Saturday 31st August

We rose from our pits at 7 am ready to face the busy day we had ahead of us. We had pre-booked a TV and movie set tour before we got to New York and were getting picked up at Ellen's diner at 11 am so figured we'd stop off for pancakes first - one word YUMMY!! Ellen's diner is definitely one that needs to be experienced if you ever go to New York, other than it having the best buttermilk pancakes ever, all of the waiting staff sing and perform too!
11 am soon rolled around and we were sat on the coach ready for the tour to begin. We drove trough so many busy streets passing buildings and statues that had appeared in so many shows and films such as Friends, Spiderman, Hitch, M.I.B and Hitch to name a few. The great thing about the tour was that not only were we seeing these amazing 'sets' we were also seeing a lot of the city too. Three hours later the tour was over and we headed to Central Park (my cousin is a huge Beatles fan and wanted to see the Imagine memorial and the Dakota Building) Then it was time to shop till we dropped....literally!

Sunday 1st September 

Sunday was another early morning and hectic day - just the way we like it. Whilst on the TV and movie set tour we spotted a few shops that we wanted to head back to, mainly in SoHo. However we stopped off for breakfast first at a diner near Lexington called 'Johnny Rockets' where we stuffed our faces before heading off in the direction of SoHo to spend spend spend. 
Our last port of call was The Rockefeller Center: another trip we booked before we left the UK. If you only book one trip when you visit NYC this is the one to go for. Stepping out onto the top deck was absolutely breathtaking! I still get goosebumps when I think about it now. The city is SO much bigger than you'd think and the Statue of Liberty looks teeny from such a height. I fell in love with New York.

(zoomed in)

Monday 2nd September

Our last day *insert MAHOOSIVE sad face* We wanted to go for one last breakfast at Johnny Rockets diner, our farewell breakie :( Before doing some sightseeing for the final time. We were wandering the the streets like lost souls........OK a little over dramatic, we were more than likely lost to be honest when we spotted Grand Central Station so we had to go in and have a spy, it was on our 'must see' list. I have to say it wasn't as big as I thought it would be (that's what she said) but it was still amazing nonetheless (she so didn't say that though)
One last thing we had to do before we headed back home to the rain and cold was hop on a ferry across to Ellis Island where Lady Liberty stands. Come on, there ain't NO way you can go to the big apple and not go see the Statue of liberty right? She is in fact as big as I thought she would be, maybe even bigger if I'm honest and again the goosebumps appear.

Well, farewell New York stole my heart <3

Places to visit/things to do/places to eat:

Rockefeller Center
The Statue of Liberty ($17 if you pay on the day - bargain)
Central park
Ellen's stardust diner (Broadway)
Johnny Rockets Diner (3rd Ave)
A week metro pass for the subway is $31 or $2.50 for a single journey

I'll be back ;)

Stacey xo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random August Faves

Hi World!

So,each month over on my Beauty Blog I post my favourite products each month, and thought why not share my non beauty faves with you lot?

Soooo here they are :)

Book: Tess Gerritsen 'The Surgeon' I got completely hooked on this book and literally couldn't put it down. It's a little on the gory side though, and I must admit I did start to sleep with my window closed at night....what a wimp haha I have a review here if you fancy a read

Song: Ben Cocks 'So cold' I've honestly had this song on repeat the WHOLE month!! I absolutely love it!

Day: Camping. Without a doubt. Although it was pretty horrendous, it was absolutely hilarious and I'd probably do it all over again :P

Food: Greggs Sausage and Bean melts. I've probably had one a day every day this month. How bad is that?! And the stupid thing is, I'm not overly keen on pastry....Yup I'm an odd ball

Quote: 'The World is your playground' I just think this is so true, you want to do something? Go do it (legal stuff that is!) Anything is possible :)

Photo: Sunset in Scarborough 2 August 2013

Blog: Gem from Musings of a Gem If you haven't already checked out her blog, then click on that link ;) I love that Gem's posts are so varied from reviews to recipes to hauls

YouTube: Miss Budget Beauty's vlog channel. I love watching vlogs, I'm a bit nosy like that. Khila is one of my favourite 'Beauty Guru's' to watch on YouTube anyway and I've been loving her daily vlogs this month too 

What random things have you been loving this month?

Don't forget to enter my Thank You giveaway over on my Beauty Blog :)

Stacey xo

Monday, 26 August 2013

DIY Muscle Tee

Hi World!

One item of clothing that I'll be sure to wear come rain or shine is a muscle Tee. I bought a Guns n Roses one from Primark and loved it so much that I thought I'd give making my own a go.

Today's post is a little DIY post, and I'm going to show you how I turn a Tshirt into a Muscle T.

What you'll need:

An over sized Tshirt (I use mens size small)
A ruler
A pair of sharp scissors

What I do:

Take a Tshirt of your choice and lie it somewhere flat. Then measure 4cm from the seam of the sleeve

Then cut from the shoulder to just below where the seam of the sleeve ends

Now all you need to do is stretch out the the material so it doesn't look wobbly (I can't cut straight for all the tea in China!) Just place a finger at either end of the new 'sleeve' you just made and pull

Bobs ya uncle, you now have your very own muscle T :)

Do you like to get creative? What's your favourite thing to make?

Do you follow my Beauty Blog?

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!

Stacey xo

Saturday, 24 August 2013

What I'm taking to NYC

Hi World!!

'We're all going on a, summer Holiday.....'

I recently did a post over on my beauty blog about what beauty products I'm taking with me to NYC. Today I thought I'd share with you all the clothes I shall be taking too. I've been so good and only chosen enough outfits for each day, as opposed to what I usually do and take 5,000 too many :P

So, here are the clothes I shall be wacking in my case

Day outfits:

H&M charcoal grey Bodycon dress £9.99

George (Asda) Navy and white striped T £4.00
Primark Black linen shorts £5.00

Primark Yellow Dress £5.00

H&M Navy and White striped bodycon £7.99

Night Outfits:

H&M Green Dress £6.00 in the sale (Baragin)

Primark Black laced back dress £5.00

Primark Aztec dress £10.00


White converse £45.00

Select Gladiator Sandals £8.00

DKNY bag A present from my big Sis

How restrained have I been?!! It's only so I have enough room in my case to bring mass amounts of US make up back. Teehee :P

I currently have a giveaway on my Beauty Blog too if you'd like to enter?

Stacey xo