Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hi Di Hi Campers

Hi World!

Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd August 2013

'I don't care...I love it'

Well hello there wonderful world. Today I bring to you what can only be described as a big fat fail of a camping trip, BUT a funny one at that.

Me and the cousin decided very spontaneously to go camping at the weekend, now most of our adventures are spontaneous that's just how we roll. We had planned to stay the Friday and Saturday night and come home Sunday, making a little detour to Flamingoland on our way home.
None of that happened, we managed one night and threw the towel in. 
We chose to have a sea view, I mean come on we were at the beach you have to see the sea! Mistake numero uno! It was WINDY which meant trying to get a 4 man tent up was a bit of a bitch! However after almost paragliding off the cliff edge, breaking our fingers with the mallet and tying ourselves in knots with the tent we got it up (our tent that is, although our middle fingers nearly got stuck up at a few VERY unhelpful campers)

Tent sorted time for chips and Ice cream (a cornetto for those who give a shizz) We had a little wander around and I have to say, we were both pleasantly surprised at how equipped and inexpensive  it was! By the time we decided to head back to our tent it was time for the sun to set, which was BEAUTIFUL!

Shower, PJ and a cuppa tea time. One of our 'neighbours' found it highly amusing that we were using a mess tin, bottled water and a little gas canister stove thing to make a cuppa. Well, we wanted the full camping experience so didn't think it appropriate to drag along the kitchen with us! Anyway, it worked just fine and our tea was delicious thank you very much!

One thing I love to do when I'm in the middle of nowhere (or anywhere away from street lamps) is to look at the stars. We decided to lie on our little mats and gaze at the stars for a wee while, which is when we discovered we had pitched the tent on a slight slope! Oh well, it made for a very funny half hour. Which by the by it feels like your chest is caving in when your lying upside down on a slope and having a laughing fit.....very strange! Anywhoo we spotted Orion's belt, The Big Dipper and a shooting star, very cool! We also witnessed a thunderstorm in the sea which I have to admit looked amazing.

It wasn't so frigging amazing at 12:30 am when said thunderstorm decided to let loose above our tent though. Oh what a night! In a nut shell, the heavens opened BIG time with gale force winds all night long, and our tent decided to let the water in! We actually had to pack all of our stuff, shimmy away from the sides of the tent and best of all......put our umbrellas up. Needless to say we got barely any sleep.

You'd think nothing happened in the morning, by about 7 am the skies were bright as a button and no sign of the fun that happened the night before. Washed ready and half packed we decided we'd have breakfast: Tea/coffee, buttered bread and baked beans - PERFECT in my opinion. And yes, we heated our beans in our tins, not the cooker we had stashed in the back of our limo ;P

Anyway, that was that.We decided there was no way we could sleep in dripping wet tent and soggy sleeping bags another night so 'checked out' We couldn't get a refund though as apparently 'Last night was nothing!' Yeahhh that's because you my man, were tucked up in an actual bed all night. We got given a credit not for 1 night.....which we are actually going to use in 2 weeks time. Let's just hope Mother nature likes us next time eh?

Do you enjoy camping? 

A day without laughter, is a day wasted

Stacey xo

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