Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random August Faves

Hi World!

So,each month over on my Beauty Blog I post my favourite products each month, and thought why not share my non beauty faves with you lot?

Soooo here they are :)

Book: Tess Gerritsen 'The Surgeon' I got completely hooked on this book and literally couldn't put it down. It's a little on the gory side though, and I must admit I did start to sleep with my window closed at night....what a wimp haha I have a review here if you fancy a read

Song: Ben Cocks 'So cold' I've honestly had this song on repeat the WHOLE month!! I absolutely love it!

Day: Camping. Without a doubt. Although it was pretty horrendous, it was absolutely hilarious and I'd probably do it all over again :P

Food: Greggs Sausage and Bean melts. I've probably had one a day every day this month. How bad is that?! And the stupid thing is, I'm not overly keen on pastry....Yup I'm an odd ball

Quote: 'The World is your playground' I just think this is so true, you want to do something? Go do it (legal stuff that is!) Anything is possible :)

Photo: Sunset in Scarborough 2 August 2013

Blog: Gem from Musings of a Gem If you haven't already checked out her blog, then click on that link ;) I love that Gem's posts are so varied from reviews to recipes to hauls

YouTube: Miss Budget Beauty's vlog channel. I love watching vlogs, I'm a bit nosy like that. Khila is one of my favourite 'Beauty Guru's' to watch on YouTube anyway and I've been loving her daily vlogs this month too 

What random things have you been loving this month?

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Stacey xo

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