Saturday, 24 August 2013

What I'm taking to NYC

Hi World!!

'We're all going on a, summer Holiday.....'

I recently did a post over on my beauty blog about what beauty products I'm taking with me to NYC. Today I thought I'd share with you all the clothes I shall be taking too. I've been so good and only chosen enough outfits for each day, as opposed to what I usually do and take 5,000 too many :P

So, here are the clothes I shall be wacking in my case

Day outfits:

H&M charcoal grey Bodycon dress £9.99

George (Asda) Navy and white striped T £4.00
Primark Black linen shorts £5.00

Primark Yellow Dress £5.00

H&M Navy and White striped bodycon £7.99

Night Outfits:

H&M Green Dress £6.00 in the sale (Baragin)

Primark Black laced back dress £5.00

Primark Aztec dress £10.00


White converse £45.00

Select Gladiator Sandals £8.00

DKNY bag A present from my big Sis

How restrained have I been?!! It's only so I have enough room in my case to bring mass amounts of US make up back. Teehee :P

I currently have a giveaway on my Beauty Blog too if you'd like to enter?

Stacey xo

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