Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sandy sandwiches and Ice cream

Saturday 27th July 2013 - Let's hit the beach

'Ohhhhh I do like to be beside the seaside......'

Hi world!

Well another sunny day up North which can only mean one thing: BEACH! Many things need to happen on the rare occasion in England when the sun is beaming down, two of which include a trip to the beach and ice cream. Needless to say both of these things happened.

First we decided we'd sit our butts down in the park on the way down to the beach and enjoy some fresh air, sun, music and a little old picnic (The food wasn't old, I promise....eww!) It's nice to see the mass amounts of families out and about enjoying picnics and games, the sun always makes people happy - me included.

A few hours later we'd had enough of the bands sound check and the continuous use of the numbers '1..2,1..2,' so we headed for the lake and floated (peddled like crazy people) on the pedalos for a wee while. Why don't ducks seem to understand that there's a big ass boat heading for them?! They don't bloody move! No ducks were injured in the making of this blog post.

Our time was up so we decided we'd top up our tans on the beach and enjoy a nice cold ice cream. Now one thing you should know about me is that I'm the most boring person in the world when it comes to ice cream. Vanilla is my flavour, plain and simple but classic ;) HOWEVER I decided to go for something called 'Blue Moon' which was basically tutti-frutti with smarties. How's that for change?! And for the record it was delicious.

We ended our day having roly poly races down the sand dunes and making sand angels....yup I really am in my 20's.

Enjoy life when you can, you're a long time dead!

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Stacey xo

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