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Them Beatles

Friday 26 July 2013 - Them Beatles

'We all live in a yellow submarine......'

Hi World!

And so the fun continues. My cousin and I went to see 'Them Beatles' who are a Beatles tribute band, and a pretty amazeballs one at that!

The adventure started off as all of our adventures begin - us getting lost. Off we trotted in what we thought was the direction of the venue, only to ask for directions and discover we had actually walked in a full circle DOH! 

Venue found, onto the next crisis - walking in on Paul McCartney shaving in the ladies loo's. Ok ok, obviously not THE Sir Paul McCartney but still just as embarrassing, and pretty damn funny!
Showtime. We've seen Them Beatles play before and honest, even if you aren't a huge Beatles fan, you'd still have an amazing night. My cousin is the BIG fan, and needless to say she loved it! The band dress, sing and throw shapes like the actual Beatles it's insane. The Paul McCartney member looks scarily like the real deal.....maybe it is actually HIM?! Hmmm something to think about right there :P 

They got almost the full room onto the dance floor, and let me tell ya there were some crazy ass dancers out there. One lady proceeded to LINE DANCE to the full set which y'know each to your own and all that jazz. YEEEHAAA you go girlfriend! What I loved most was that that were different people from different age ranges bopping along, see us youngsters know a thing or two about decent music!

This was a night filled with good music, good chats and plenty laughs. The perfect way to start any weekend!

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