Friday, 16 August 2013

Book haul take two!

Hi World!

If you read my blog post the other day, then you'll know that I picked up a few books. A stupid thing that I tend to do is find a book that looks really interesting, get home and realise it's part of a series! Hence what happened this time.
I bought a couple of Tess Gerritsen's book and later found out that I needed the first in the series, so the hunt was on!

Whilst out shopping, mam spotted the other books that I needed in a secondhand bookshop at £2.00 each, so picked them up for me. Aren't mam's the best?!!

Tess Gerritsen:
The silent girl
Keeping the dead
The killing place
The surgeon
The Mephisto club
I only need the last book and I'll have the full set! I'm currently reading 'The surgeon' and loving it

One (or 3) of my favourite books is 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'. I have it on my kindle already, but when I spotted these three books in a charity shop for £2.00 each I just had to get them. I love reading on my kindle as it's so much easier for travel, but nothing beats reading an actual book!

What's your favourite book?

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Stacey xo

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