Monday, 12 August 2013

Sunny Seaburn

Saturday 10th August 2013

'Lucy in the skyyyyyy.......'

Hi World!

So saturday was another beach, chips and ice cream day (I'm gonna end up the size of a whale at this rate!) This time we hit Seaburn and the South Shields for some chips and ice cream. Me, my sister and two cousins were literally at the beach every day throughout the 6 weeks holidays, why change the tradition now?

We kicked off our day with a picnic on the beach followed by some sand castle building. Nothing too adventurous happened, there's just something nice and relaxing sitting on a half empty beach watching the world go by.

I did want to get a little adventurous and 'borrow' the lifeguard's surf board, merely to tick 'surf lessons' off my bucket list but then I figured he'd have nothing to come rescue my sorry ass from the sea ;)

 Picnic demolished time to head to a little tearoom for a cuppa and then to shields for chips and ice cream. Origionally we had planned to walk to Shields from Seaburn until we found out it would take us a week.....OK OK slight exaggeration.... 6 days ;P That's the thing with us, we think we can walk anywhere and in reality we can,t but we'll give it a bloody try. A few months ago whilst in London we asked for directions from Victoria bus station to Oxford street. The response we go was 'haha yeahhhh you can't walk it' WHO CAN'T?!! We finally managed it, with blisters and broken body's but we did it. Needless to say we slept like logs tat night, but it was worth proving someone wrong.

I always manage to go off topic.....

Tea slurped time to head to Shields. Once there we decided to go on a ride. What? it'd be rude not too! We chose Twister, and let me tell you my body doesn't like rides anymore. I came off it feeling like my brain was going to come out of my nose. Nice visual eh? You're welcome.

Not the nicest of ice creams - Toffee flavoured

And that was that. Plenty giggles kept us entertained as usual. I highly doubt anything too exciting will be happening this week as I shall be mentally and physically preparing myself for Saturday.....Camping, round two *ding* *ding*

What did you do over the weekend?

Stacey xo 

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